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A highly-customizable free emulator

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator program that enables you to run popular games smoothly on your computer. Developed by XUANZHI, this lightweight system utility offers a wide variety of tablet and mobile phone functions so you can customize your emulator experience. It comes with pre-installed apps from both Google Playstore and its LD Store, letting you quickly get started with your configurations.

The classic but simple look

As an emulator, LDPlayer’s default interface shows a window that copies an Android device’s interface. Customary Android system apps are already grouped on the Home page. Some suggested game apps that are highly optimized for this program are placed near the bottom of the screen. They’re not installed yet so you have to open and manually download them from the Playstore. Above, there’s an integrated search bar for it so you don’t have to open the app itself.

The rest of the emulator’s controls can be found on the top and right side of the window—the top-right corner button allowing you to collapse the right side when you don’t need its controls. These include general emulator settings, keyboard maps, volume control, full-screen mode, the operation recorder, the multiplayer feature, the APK installer, the screenshot tool, and the video recorder. There are also hidden advanced features such as Synchronizer, Shake, Shared Folders, Virtual GPS, and Screen Rotation.

Tweak it to your preferences

In General Settings, you can set your device model and customize your resolution, CPU, and RAM. You can also adjust your gaming FPS. There’s a high frame rate mode if you’re specifically playing Crossing Void, Ragnarok M, and Girls’ Frontline— but for other games, it’s advised to disable this feature. It also has settings for PUBG Mobile. Aside from this, you can configure audio, network, shortcuts, and wallpapers. Additionally, root permission and running at startup can be enabled and disabled.

Meanwhile, Keyboard Settings enable flexible keymapping by simply dragging icons for specific actions, freely placing them where you choose on the screen, and tapping a key to automatically assign it. You can save different configurations, too. Some of the available icons are basic controls such as touch, movement directions, and camera panning. Others are more specific and advanced, such as the trigger and aiming controls for shooter games, generating repeated touch actions, and writing and recording of macros.

Play like it’s a PC game

Another cool feature is the LDMultiplayer tool. This allows you to run multiple instances of the emulator and log into different accounts on just one screen. It’s different from the default multi-tab function that lets you switch between apps, as you can arrange your multi-instance windows to launch the same game or app and sync them together with the Synchronizer tool. You simply create a clone of an existing player or just make a new one.

This emulator also has gamepad support, enabling you to connect a handheld controller for better input performance. Take note that, whether wired or wireless, you need to use gamepads that support Android devices. Once you have it set up, you can adjust its keymapping or configure your own the same way you can do so with the Keyboard Settings. The icons mentioned above can be set to your controller so you can also create macros via your gamepad.

A great alternative

LDPlayer features versatile tools that are great for PC gaming. It optimizes your gaming experience by giving you flexible controls and options. There are still some user-friendly options it could offer, however, such as a quick tutorial for all tools when you boot the program up for the first time. Nonetheless, it runs much lighter compared to other emulators and has a simple user interface that you can quickly customize.

Use LDPlayer Android Emulator to Play Mobile Games/Apps on Your Windows PC

LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for your Windows PC. It runs on Android 5.1 and Android 7.1 which can fulfill most tasks you require from an Android device and provide very fast performance on your average computers. 5 amazing functions on LDPlayer are Smart Control, Multi-instance, Multi-instance Synchronizer, Macros, and High FPS&Graphics settings. Users can control your gameplay using keyboard and mouse with Smart Control, play multiple games or play multiple accounts for the same game simultaneously, synchronize all instances of LDPlayer to replicate everything you do on the main instance, and enable high FPS&Graphics mode to enhance your gaming on PC screen. LDPlayer is not just an Android simulator, but an Android gaming platform on PC.

Free to use on Windows PC // Full Android experience with well-developed Android 5.1 and Android 7.1 // Flexible customization (CPU, RAM, Resolution, Device Model, Root Mode, Shortcuts, exclusive game settings, etc.) // Support keyboard&mouse controls to replace screen touch for much better gaming experience // Support multiple instances to play several games simultaneously // GPS location simulation // File sharing between Your Windows and Android // Fast APK installation by dragging and dropping.


  • Multi-instance feature
  • Specific settings for certain games
  • Intuitive keymapping
  • Gamepad support


  • No built-in tutorial


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LDPlayer 3.92 for PC


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